We are passionate about changing the way South Africans consume energy.

Power to the Future

We believe that we can make a positive difference to the future of South Africa, by providing unique funding solutions to clients to assist in the installation of solar projects on their rooftops, in their car parks, or on unutilised space on their properties.

The solar irradiation levels across South Africa, coupled with the inefficient, ineffective and expensive power alternatives, provides our clients with a significant opportunity to benefit from clean, efficient solar energy.

Every day, enough energy from the sun hits the earth to power all earth’s energy needs for nearly 30 years. The possibilities with solar are endless.

Our Vision

To be the leading private investment fund for solar projects in SA;
To build bespoke energy solutions for our clients;
To enable access to cheaper, cleaner energy for clients countrywide;
To build a better future.
South Africa Irradiation Map